Thursday, April 15, 2010

Cinema Heaven Via Toei

These wild and wonderful Toei posters evoke a time, place, and feeling that is pure cinema.

The world can go to hell in a fuckin' hand basket, but not even total obliteration will erase the beauty and magnetic pull of these provocative, life-affirming images.

The beautiful and the grotesque ride shotgun in Japanese cinema, a cinema not polluted by Christianity, political correctness, and shrill corporate dominance.

The best poster art captures the essence of a work, cloaking us in a subversive, tempting, eroticized euphoria that is the cinema experience.

The best art violates social norms and fucks polite society in the eye socket.

Enjoy, my friends, before enjoyment of such pleasures is taken from you under the well-worn guise of "protecting the children."


  1. amen. interesting site you have here...

  2. Actually, the Japanese film industry back in those days was technically worse in its "corporate dominance" than today's Hollywood. It was there way or the high way largely with only the toughest independents making it. It's just that pinky violence and yakuza flicks, roman pornos, rubber suit monsters, etc, sold the most back then and not Tim Cameron's $300 million AVATAR IN WONDERLAND 3-D like today. Plus they couldn't afford to make anything more than those kind of movies.

    The movie industry has always been about what sells. The people who back movies could care less about morality, which has its drawbacks and its advantages, I think.

  3. JL -- true what you are saying, but that wasn't really my point.

    The key word in my piece was "shrill" corporate dominance. Stuff like TWILIGHT is "shrill.

    Yes, everything involving spending money is a business, but Japanese culture has always been more diverse because of its non-Hollywood status, and less funds.

  4. Prof. Grewbeard -- thank you. Just took a lot at yours, too. It's great.

  5. Speaking of Japanese 70s stuff, have you seen the Toho flick PROPHECIES OF NOSTRADAMUS? Miles up your alley I think.

    Speaking of TWILIGHT, I thought THE RUNAWAYS was shockingly good. Delivered me everything Burton's ALICE IN 3-D CGI-LAND deprived me of.

  6. JL -- Enjoyed THE RUNAWAYS a lot. One of my favorite actors, Michael Shannon, was in it.

    I like PROPHECIES. Yes, up my alley.

  7. Hear, hear - thanks for sharing these posters.

  8. For trivia purposes: Don't know first film, but looks like Sonny Chiba and Shigeru Koyama star. Second film is Girl Boss: Crazy Ball Game. Third film is Horrors of Malformed Men. Don't know the other two.

  9. Patrick -- thanks for the trivia. Since I couldn't decipher most of these titles (MALFORMED was the easy one), I thought I'd just post them without explanation. I appreciate your informed input.

  10. The two last movies are:
    -Jitsuroku 3 okuen jiken: Jiko seiritsu
    -Bankaku rock (1973)

  11. Baka -- thanks for this information. Much appreciated.