Thursday, January 20, 2011

Bello To Be Carjacked

As noted in a previous blog, I like Maria Bello a lot.

This upcoming flick starring Bello and Stephen Dorff, another fine performer, has piqued my interest with its arresting poster art.

The story involves a mother and son carjacked by a bank robber.

Original director was Peter Medak, who helmed the George C. Scott ghost story The Changeling ('80). The director now listed is John Bonito, who captained Fox's The Marine, a so-so piece of fluff with solid action.

I'm expecting something along the lines of Pasquale Feta Campanile's insanely good David Hess classic Hitch-Hike (aka The Naked Prey aka Autostop). Boy, am I setting myself up for disappointment!

Clearly I live in hope.


  1. mandingo -- Glad to hear it. I'd get into her car.

  2. I'd like to 'jack' something- and it 'aint her car. Or is that 'mack'?? I tend to lose my grip on the prevailing nomenclature of the times...too old.

    (& not a little sexist in my frail dotage?)