Monday, January 24, 2011

A Sweet Erotic Trickle From Japan

For mine, these are elegant examples of erotica. Some are more explicit than others, but each suggests erotic potential untapped.


Incest-themed erotica from Japanese trades on the traditional image of a mother and turns it on its head.

I find this box cover (above) extremely powerful for its intense understatement.

Many of these images succeed in portraying an emotional state in addition to a primitive desire.

The traditional Japanese office lady is the subject of this erotic adventure. Perfect use of wardrobe in an urban setting completes the fantasy.

These are works of art.

An amazing concept here. I love how the bedside status of the woman on the right seems ambiguous.

Beautiful portrait of a sensual Japanese woman whose age is clearly an asset, not a handicap. 

Pornography and acknowledgment of the sexual impulse is not the exclusive domain of youth in Japan.

The mere context of this box cover (it is for a pornographic movie) takes the image of this traditional Japanese housewife -- a modern version -- and makes it a diamond of intense erotic suggestion.

The Japanese are masters at this.


I'd like to thank an anonymous reader (you know who you are) for the Ruby heads-up.


  1. Thank you for the visual feast! I must say images 8, 17 and 32 are my favies!

  2. Toxaemia -- Excellent choices. Your appreciation of fine, slightly twisted aesthetics is noted with a smile.

  3. Whats up with the vegetable ladies? Oh Japan, you've confused me again with your mysterious fetishes.

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    1. Thank you so much for dropping by, Jen, and for the link, too. Please excuse my ridiculously late reply.