Sunday, May 24, 2009

Classic X

Which years were the Golden Years of X-Rated Cinema? That's debatable.

The Golden Years of magazines covering X-Rated Cinema, however, were definitely the 80's.

Cinema Blue, published out of New York, and edited by Joyce James, shook the book shelves for a number of years. It couldn't hold a candle to Adam Film World or ACR (Adult Cinema Review), but it did score occasionally with some primo examples of raw smut.

That's Ashley Brtton aka Stacey Donovan adorning the front cover, but the lass in the monochrome pic above is not identified in the mag.

This potent black and white image says everything most porn is trying to say, although few exhibits possess the erotic power of this gem.

The effervescent Christy Canyon was an 80's phenomenon and incredibly personable in every sense. Her most recent adult film appearance was in 2007's Big City Sex, a sad waste of time.

Speaking of sad, it gives me a creepy feeling seeing John Holmes with arms wrapped tightly around these three young gals. WPINK-TV ('85) was shot two years after Holmes learned that he had contracted HIV. He made this and countless other films with the knowledge that he was a ticking time bomb.

Very hot black and white pic from the set of David I. Frazer and Sveltlana's incredible "Hawaiian Trilogy" which included Pink Lagoon, Hanky Panky, and Surrender in Paradise (all '84).

The smoldering Raven (who owned Taboo American Style) is far left, and that's Lois Ayres aka Sonda Stillman beside her, with Stacey D. center.

Top left issue (the SOLD OUT one) featured the late, beautiful Shauna Grant, who took her own life in '84.
Porn ads totally typical of the era.

An interesting rumor did the rounds at this time concerning the real reason Stacey D. entered the porn industry. Vague sources speculated that she was an FBI plant, injected into the business to gather "intelligence".

Always sounded like an awful lot of trouble to go to.

Well, she did end up being an informant for the idiotic Meese Commission, and was subsequently shunned by the industry.

The '84 Driller, which was directed by Cinema Blue's editor, Joyce James, attempted to capitalize on Michael Jackson's Thriller and Rinse Dream's Cafe Flesh. It failed on both counts.

Rear cover of the September '85 issue.

I always find it amazing how quickly porn seem "old". Probably has something to do with the frantic turnaround of talent and disposability of the product.

Still, this was an age when producers tried a little harder.

Today, the producers exercising a modicum of care can be counted on a leper's hand.


  1. I gotta say that Shauna, Every Man's Fantasy is one of the most tasteless and intelligence insulting porn films I've seen. I kinda like it.

    I've been wanting to see John Holmes: The Man, The Myth, The Legend for some time. Supposedly it's one of the only honest depictions of his life.

  2. There was a time when I had a big thing for Stacey Donovan. Had no idea about the controversy, though. Interesting.

  3. What amazes me about the Stacey Donovan rumor is that going undercover as a performer of porn is like Porn Plot #4. The fact that she ended up testifying really makes me wonder what the heck was going on.

    I was speculating the other day on why porn seems so dated too. I was looking at porn magazine covers of the 80's and the neon colors were almost comical. I have a suspicion that it might just come down to the lack of artistic direction. Instead of a product that reflects a director's vision, we are watching stars with the hair styles of the times wearing the clothes of the times while fucking on the furniture of the times. I think it looks dated because most porn is a pseudo documentary of the moment.

  4. COU -- :-)


    d -- Yeah, the Shauna film is appalling in an entertaining way.

    The Holmes film is a good one.


    Ross -- I had a big thing for her, too, after "Hanky Panky"


    Cheezy -- Thanks.


    Shon -- It was a bizarre turn of events.

    It never ceases to amaze me how deeply the US LEA's choose to penetrate the porn industry.

    You don't hear any of this intrusive nonsense in Europe.

    Wherever porn is, constitutional boundaries are broken.

    Take the Max Hardcore case, for example, which I intend to go into soon. It's an absolute joke and a kick in the teeth to basic freedoms.

    You have hit the nail on the head re: why porn is so dated. It IS a pseudo doco of the moment. Lack of artistic direction.

    Interestingly, in porn where there is some artistic direction (Rinse Dream, Greg Park), the work is definitely not so dated because of the stylization.

  5. I have researched the Max Hardcore case reasonably thoroughly,(although never as thoroughly as you phantom- you are painstaking in your research) and I think Mr Hardcore is an arrogant, predatory cunt, and his contribution to art, or to humanity, or to evolution is questionable at best.

    There are those who are committed to evolution and progress, and those who set the species back generations. He belongs to the class of humans engaged in de-evolution.

    For every step we take away from the primordial slime, he drags us back.

    All this, however, is soaked in the ether of my opinion and prejudice.

    The US purports to be a free country; and the question at hand is not that of personal taste. No one really gives a fuck what I think of Max, or anything, except me. I liked 'Dunstan Checks In', and to my knowledge I am a club of one.

    Others like Hardcore for his depravity; they do not see it as depravity.

    And here comes the kicker; he is not alone in his pursuits.


    Why was it for so long OK for soldiers to do what Max does in Abu Ghraib with the sanction of the US Government, while outside the wall of the prison, to this day, the allied forces still drop fire on brown people in the name of fossil fuel??

    The question then is of hypocrisy; not taste. Not what you, I or the next one likes, but our right to like it. And have access to it.

    I hate to keep harping on about this, but we are not being heard, people. I know I am preaching to the acquired, but shortly I will be engaging in a project that tackles the very issue of freedom of expression.

    We need to keep at this prejudice; even my own. I say Hardcore can burn in Hell, but I have to call bullshit on myself, as well as upon a world where soldiers can force prisoners to eat their own shit, while Max has to go to jail.

    This kind of hypocrisy, like Hell, is ultimately the impossibility of reason.

    And it too is de-evolutionary.

    Why is this evolution I speak of so important? That question is best left to the individual, and his or her conscience/belief system/socio cultural or biological imperative.

    Is Harcore de-evolutionary, and is necessarily a 'bad'/negative/retrograde thing?

    Like to thine own heart, minion.

    In the end, though, we must fight for freedom; we must keep on fighting the good fight, not only here on this blog where we are understood, but outside, in our work, and our play.

    This crap will not go away unless we hammer the shit out of it.

    We need to stay on it, at all times and in full effect, and it is for that reason alone that I look forward to your treatise on Max Hardcore, Phantom, based on the interest in free speak, as opposed to my opinion of him.

    Keep the faith...