Monday, May 25, 2009

From the Land of the Rising Sun

Recently unearthed this superb, intensely erotic ad mat from Yasuzo Masumura's Evil Trio (Dai akuto, '68), a great little crime melodrama from Daei Motion Picture Co., Ltd.

Second-billed Kei Sato also appeared in the director's amazing Razor 2 - The Snare.

In the 60's and 70's, Daei had a New York office on 1350 Avenue of the Americas.

Shohei Immamura's Profound Desire of the Gods ('68) focuses on the inevitable industrialization of an island society built on incestuous couplings.

Definitely one of the director's most beautiful films, made after The Pornographers ('66), but before Vengeance is Mine ('79).

Toho announces production on Hiromichi Horikawa's '68 Sogeki, a film rarely appearing in the West as Sun Above, Death Below.

I'm a big fan of the director's Aku no monsho (Brand of Evil, '64), an intense crime melodrama.


  1. I see he was second unit on a couple of Kurosawa films, Phantom?? He certainly got off to a decent start in the biz.

    Is it possible he is still alive?

    I see he is credited in the Kurosawa doco, but that might well have been older footage. I can't recall just now.

    If he is still kicking (and according to IMDB he has not joined the great majority quite yet), then he is a bees dick away from his ton, old son...

    Love your blogs on the Japanese masters; please sir, can we have some more??

    If we are especially good, perhaps you might tell us more about the likes of Seijun Suzuki, and the lesser known Yasuzo Masumura and Hideo Gosha??

    BTW, just tracking back through Kinji Fukasaku's earlier work, and my own non 'Battle Royale' pick is 'Battles Without Honor and Humanity'.

    I see this was a series; I feel certain you rate his gangster stuff fairly highly- which are your favourites?

  2. mandingo -- the BATTLES series is incredible. Five amazing movies that comprise a rough epic.

    I'm a little reluctant to try adding to Suzuki as he has been well covered elsewhere.

    I'll get to Masumura and Gosha, though.

    Glad you found the Kurosawa connection.