Thursday, June 25, 2009

Dr. Lamb Lobby Cards #1

For a ludicrous sum I'm trying to forget, I recently scored official Dr. Lamb lobby cards (there are 12).
The film is one of my all-time favorites, and I watch it regularly.

Made in the wake of the success of Silence of the Lambs, it is based on the true story of a Hong Kong serial killer who drove a taxi.

If I was pitching it to a moron, I'd tell him: "It's Taxi Driver Meets Henry With A Slice of Necromantik".

If you haven't seen it, please do. It's stunning.


  1. My birthday's coming up, how about you send me a couple of those lobbycards? Haha.

    Congrats with your (expensive) lobbycards. No need to tell you I'm full of envy. And you're quite right "Dr. Lamb" IS a stunner!! I have the uncut German (or is it Austrian) DVD. Oh, and I so wish someone would release an uncut version of Simon Yam's "A Day Without Policeman". I read somewhere the original version ran 20 min longer than the VCD/DVD. Can you confirm this, Mark?

  2. I wish someone had sent me these for my birthday, Jack.

    The XT Video version is Austrian. It IS the uncut version. The LD is a slightly better transfer, though, but cut.

    When they screened the film at Hoyts Midcity, it was cut even further.

    Re: ADWP, I believe there was a longer theatrical version, but I haven't seen that, unfortunately. I respect the film a lot, but I think it has some problems, too.

    My imdb review went like this:

    "Accordimg to director Johnny Lee, "A Day Without Policeman (sic)" is equal to one hundred and ten minutes of leering sleaze, gratuitous nudity, relentless violence, arty pretentiousness and exaggerated performances -- in other words, it is not a day wasted on the broad-minded, forgiving viewer.

    "For acutely sensitive viewers prone to Knee-Jerk Reaction Syndrome, avoid this rough-edged gem.

    "The plot is inexplicably disjointed, perhaps due to editing compromises, perhaps due to general ineptitude. A gang of AK47-brandishing psychos (some in police uniforms) takes over a small island for low rent holidaymakers. The only policeman available to fend them off is Simon Yam. Unfortunately, Yam is experiencing flashbacks to a violent event in his past that has rendered him impotent in the face of conflict. As a result, the gun-toting psychos are raping and murdering their way across the island with impunity while Yam hides from them like a bullied schoolboy.

    "Eventually, Yam's estranged wife, the sexy, energetic Li Yu, encourages her traumatized husband to act against the miscreants.

    "The nihilism of this film reminded me of Billy Tang's dark action-drama RUN AND KILL (also starring Yam). The set-up serves as a clothesline to hang innumerable, gleefully directed atrocities from. The rapes have a raw, powerful edge. The murders show a potent indifference for human life.

    "The opening twenty minutes is unusually anarchic, even for a Hong Kong film. It establishes an unrelenting pace that rarely lets up.

    "It is important to note, however, that cinematic (there is a difference) action/gore/rape fans expecting adroitly staged action, gore and rape may be disappointed. Some of the action scenes are sloppily edited and not well staged. Several fight scenes are handicapped by half-baked choreography where we clearly see punches and kicks missing their intended victims by miles. The gore is fairly light, though Lee does not back off on the squib hits. The rape scenes, which have none of the dark sheen of violent masterworks such as RED TO KILL, DAUGHTERS OF DARKNESS or THE UNTOLD STORY, are still reasonably effective and deliciously sleazy.

    "The general anarchy, nihilism and purposelessness exhibited by this minor gem place it a cut above other late 80's/early 90's HK Category 3'ers."