Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Suehiro Maruo's Grotesque Beauty

These stunning illustrations are from Maruo Graph EX 1 (Editions Treville; Pan-Exotica), a collection of work from Suehiro Maruo, the creator of Mr. Arashi's Amazing Freak Show and Ultra Gash Inferno.

The artist's take on Werner Herzog's version of Nosferatu ('80), with Klaus Kinski , is an example of his many powerful reimaginings of popular cultural icons.

The book also features Maruo interpretations of Christopher Lee's Dracula, amongst others.

My apologies for the cropping of the left side of this image; I'm not prepared to destroy my copy of the book in order to scan it.

This plate is consistent with the artist's unique take on the world and his love of mundane/bizarre juxtapositions.

Maruo plumbs territory familiar to lovers of Toshio Saeki's work here. The theme of maidens inextricably and inexplicably drawn to grotesque beasts never ceases to ignite his imagination.

One of my favorite images of all time. Terribly sad. Terribly beautiful.

For a perfect introduction to the diversity of Maruo's oeuvre, this is the place to start.


  1. Amazing imagery!

    I feel compelled to add some of his work to my collection.

    Thank you so much for the introduction to this brilliant artist.

  2. Trix -- you're always welcome.

    I know currently have both volumes in stock.

  3. Fucking great scans once again. Thanks!

  4. Nice one this, i have my own book

  5. Baka -- that's good news. I don't meet many people who have these. He does have a following, though, as he should.