Thursday, June 25, 2009

More Ad Mats Are Unleashed

More than passable Corman rip-off of Alien. An '89 production, so running a little late if it wanted to cash in on that.

I saw this on opening day at the Village East and came out a little perplexed.

Was it deliberately outrageous, or accidentally? Now it doesn't matter.

This bizarre coming-of-age flick is well worth catching (and owning).

Great Bryan Brown Aussie prison flick from 1980.

My brother Colin, who saw it before me, came home and was very pleased with its non-stop brutality and salty language. It's a gem.

A Dusk-To-Dawner to salivate over -- especially if you don't have a driver's license.

One of my own films. The marketing was terribly off. "From the Producer of The Wog Boy" was a miscalculation in terms of the demographics. The Wog Boy was (to me, anyway) a howlingly unfunny ethnic comedy from one of Australia's most obnoxious "comedians", Nick Giannopoulos; the film did do big business for reasons that make you shake your head about audience tastes.

However, the audience for Sensitive New Age Killer, which was originally and more accurately titled Hitman's Hero (but don't get me started on that!), couldn't have been more different, and I'm sure would have walked out of Killer feeling very deceived.

Anyway, the reviews were surprisingly positive.

I saw this Belgian movie at Lincoln Plaza. Sadly, I was one of two people in the cinema.

The reviews on the ad mat were not hyperbole. It IS a stunner, and was one of my favorite movies that year ('96).



  2. Bwaha! Win the Charger from SNAK! Whose idea was that? Guessing not yours. Did they ever actually give it to someone?

  3. PP -- Thanks. They were classic alright.


    d -- Definitely not my idea. Somebody did win it. There were two, of course,. One went off the cliff. One didn't. The "good" one was the prize. It still ran, but it wouldn't have passed any safety inspection. It was definitely given away to a couple who lived near the drive-in where it played prior to its city release.