Sunday, December 26, 2010

Three Very Special Dishes Coming Soon

I loved Sion Sono's Strange Circus, so I know I'm going to love this.

I wasn't a fan of Ji-woon Kim's The Good, The Bad, and the Weird, but I was blown away by Bittersweet Life.

I Saw The Devil is his new thriller.

Reaction has been strong.

I'm not having an easy time finding an English subbed version of Kinatay.

This French DVD is, however, impressive.

Until I've seen a version I can understand, I won't speak of it in detail.

Let's just say it's pretty special.


  1. All in all, I don't think Good, the Bad, & the Weird was anything special but I thoroughly enjoyed it. I Saw... was good stuff. Reminded me a bit of Memories of Murder but I can't say exactly why.

    Strange Circus is one of my favorites of the 2000s. I'm sure I will love Cold Fish also.

  2. Watched Kinatay last night. When I see something like this it makes me sick of all the phony horseshit I've seen all over the years.

    I don't know if it was really deft craftsmanship or just a beautiful fluke but I feel like it was really pulling my strings, making me feel whatever it wanted me to and then having me sit in my own shit while I watched, locked in with my own thoughts and dread--like being in sensory dep or on a hallucinigenic drug where you're constantly reevaluating and extrapolating your own emotions and incoming stimuli. It's rare to connect so deeply to a film. Probably just me, and even then I doubt I could recreate the experience, but it was amazing while it lasted.

  3. d -- I've been meaning to write about it for a while. Will try to do that this week. I agree with your view on it. It takes you to places without seeming like it's holding your hand. Quite amazing.

  4. Whatever I felt, it seemed like I was really a passenger, complicit through my inaction and at times an unwilling(?) voyeur.

    Those protracted driving scenes really struck me. At face value, very boring. But I feel like I've been in that very situation--completely helpless on the drive to somewhere, too afraid to run when I had the chance or even to reach out for help. And only a more immediate fear will jolt you out of that.

    Don't think you missed much without subs. I think there was a bit of a revelation about the relationship between the victim and the gang's leader.