Thursday, April 30, 2009

Greek Fumetti Masterpiece Has Legs (Eight of Them!)

They say you must keep your friends close and enemies closer.

What about books? How close to should you keep them?

I've kept this Greek fumetti very close every since a friend passed it to me many years ago. I don't read a spot of Greek (love the food, though), but I've been able to live with that -- illustration is a universal language.

The story occurring inside this digest-sized masterpiece is nothing less than riveting and certainly more than mildly disturbing.

As far as I can tell, a handsome fella has life-sucking sex with a pretty girl who turns into a charred husk of her former self.

None of this upsets the man terribly; afterall, he's handsome and he has no trouble getting the girls.

Meanwhile, an unfortunate fellow with the body of a grotesque spider...

... is being raped in his spider butt by an ugly Rondo Hatten type.

It's a positive thing for the world that this fine tale manages to pack in (excuse the pun) necrophilia, bestiality, homosexuality, heterosexuality (you just knew they'd wheel out that shocking deviance eventually!), and rape.

When Rondo Hatten decides to swap spit, the Spider Boy sucks the life from his bones instead.

Then he finds himself a pretty girl who is prone to masturbation and sleeping amongst skulls. My kind of girl!

The Spider Boy enjoys regular dalliances with this Masturbating Maiden. Her boyfriend, however, isn't happy competing with a guy whose extremities outnumber his.

The Spider Boy isn't open to negotiation or backing off, though, so he demonstrates his affection for the lass in classic arachnid style.

No doubt about it, the Spider Boy knows how to treat a lady. He's not one to lie there and insist on a blowjob without dessert.

In my experience, the ladies enjoy the act of cunnilingus so much, they'd hardly flinch if a spider with a human head dropped in to do the job.

Unfortunately, the military takes a dim view of the vagina-licking Spider Boy, and blows him to kingdom come before his devoted ministrations can be rewarded.

The young lady is escorted away from her unfortunate young, eight-legged lover, who is now is spider hell telling himself that every good deed will be punished.

If anybody can tell me anything about the origin of this Greek language fumetti, I urge you to not hold your piece.

Is this story known to anybody?

Is it simply a Greek translation of an existing Italian comic? Or is it an original?

I have only included panels from a dozen of its 125 glorious pages.

If any Greek readers (you know you are!) care to guess us a heads-up on this magnificent tale of a young boy's woe, it would be much appreciated.

This issue is No. 1281. Are there another 1280 volumes just like it?

The mind boggles.

And the body weakens.


  1. Could it possibly be a graphic novel of the little known and long lost Kafka manuscript, 'Metamorphosis 2; The Revenge?'

  2. Jesus! What a rarity. Muchos gracias for sharing.

  3. It's from the Italian fumetti series Cimiteria. Only 119 issues + four supplements were ever published, though, so the Greek series probably stars some other fumetti heroines, too. Cimiteria is my favourite of all fumetti heroines, she's the blonde woman getting licked by the Spider Boy (who's actually a girl, by the way).

  4. Jaakko -- like a broken clock, I'm at least right twice a day. In this case, I am clearly dead wrong. It's a girl, huh? I'm glad you've cleared that up.

    Cimiteria is her name. Thanks so much for the info.

    Are these other issues equally bizarre?

    Is there a particular fumetti that totally trumps all others in terms of perversion and bizarreness?

    Are these 119 issues available anywhere?


    mandingo -- METAMORPHOSIS 2 - THE REVENGE ought to be better than KAWS - THE REVENGE.


    d-- Glad you liked it. I've been hooked for years.

  5. Cimiteria and scifi horror like Storie Viola are about as freaky as fumetti ever gets. Plenty of Cimiteria issues are just as bizarre as this one, but there are tamer ones, too. I bought mine from Italian eBay and (the seller understands English) and . It wasn't easy collecting a full set, but eventually I managed.

  6. Thank God 'Spider Boy' is actually a girl!

    For a while there, I was worried I was looking at something perverted...

  7. Is it just me and my preoccupation with the hypocrisy of Christianity, or is that a crucifix on 'Spider Girls' back in the fifth panel?

    Is this comic a well disguised political statement- a polemic aimed at church, state and the human race (like 'Metamorphosis', incidentally) and this panel deals with the proposition that religion is a freakish anomaly that deserves to be fucked?

    Perhaps not.

  8. That's pretty amazing stuff - loved it. A bit lost for words really. Awesome stuff. Cimiteria, a title to remember.