Saturday, April 4, 2009

News from Scandinavia

Before the internet there was the mail order catalog.

European pornography in the 70's and 80's was mean-spirited and unapologetic.

The Copenhagen-based Color Climax company dominated in virtually every area, even areas they later regretted getting into.

The three short films on this vicious compilation, "Slave Market", were all shot on Super-8 and are now collectors' items. Some can be found on file sharing venues such as rapidshare.

Note the US$126 asking price and length -- just 30 mins(!)

All three films were badly made and shoddily edited, but are extremely nasty.

Tri-sexuality is a porno evergreen, and companies like Teresa Orlowski's VTO (Verlag Teresa Orlowski) made abundant Deutschmarks exploiting it.

The "Sandwich", more commonly referred to as the DP (Double Penetration), warranted its own publication from Videorama.

Like the pornography of today, the pornography of yesteryear focused on activities that were not common practise in the majority of relationships, although meat and potatoes sex seems to be popular when it is performed by amateurs; the popularity of the American "Homegrown" label is testament to this.

Here's a familiar face. Peter North, the tommygun of semen shooters, took aim at the boys in his formative porn years. Cousins ('83), directed by gay porn pioneer William Higgins, billed North under his non de plume, Matt Ramsey.

North's penis has spent most of its life taking aim at and shooting pretty women. He has appeared in a mind-boggling, ball-rattling 1600 films and videos, and has directed 72. It beats digging ditches.

These old school porn catalogs did not lack for variety.


  1. I am racking my brain here and coming up with nothing--very recently I was watching a film with that very evil-looking old man who came on the pig's ass in "Animal Passion." Wish I could remember it because that guy looks like a real creep!

  2. That old guy brings a stench of "evil" to that movie. It's just so terribly vile. It's definitely not sex. I have always found the CCC shorts extremely un-erotic. They're just mean and barbaric.

    The guy you're referring to was a participant in a 4-hour curio from Chick (Amsterdam) called "Chick's Fuck Marathon". It was an Annabel Chong-style orgy video in which a mother and daughter break various "world (sex) records" that you will not find in Guiness.

    This monster is about 70th in line and he comes back for seconds.