Thursday, April 2, 2009

The Doll People of Mari Shimizu

The extraordinary doll people of Mari Shimizu.

So beautiful and so sad.

This design may have inspired Mark Ryden, or did Mark Ryden inspire it?

I love to see doll people finally being posed in natural settings, giving these special beings some well-deserved dignity.

The mainstreaming of this trend can be seen in the work of Gina Garan, who's "Blythe" character...

... can currently be seen on Target billboards.


  1. Top stuff; I especially like the rabbit doll and friend.

    I am fascinated by mutant babies; deformed children and the like, especially some of those post Hiroshima monstrosities/beauties as featured in some of the Japanese comics. Without having done any research, are such dolls available?

    Plus, forgive me if you have this in your archives already and I have missed it, but would a feature on some of your favourite 'doll' movies be possible? I admit I love 'Chucky'- although I suspect this is more to do with Brad Dourif than anything else-and have always loved most of the 'ventriloguist dummies come to life' pictures, even the bad ones.

  2. mandingo -- glad you like these. There are "wounded" and stricken dolls. I will post pictures of them, too.

    Re: dolls, I will do a post on favorite doll movies soon. In the meantime, you might enjoy this site:

    It's very good. Folks post about the stuff that scared the shit out of them when they were kids.

    Dolls figure quite a bit, of course.