Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The Perfect Marriage of HP Lovecraft and Santiago Caruso

These somber, grotesque, and beautiful scans were originally sent to me by fellow blogger Shon Richards who writes the fascinating Erotiterrorist.

They are from an obscure 2008 volume he found in Old San Juan.

It is The Dunwich Horror, with illustrations by the brilliant Argentina(Buenos Aries)-based Santiago Caruso, whose blog can be found here: http://santiagocaruso.blogspot.com/

Fittingly, the young book was covered in a carpet of dust.

I have substituted some of Shon's scans with scans from Mr. Caruso's amazing blog.

Shon writes:

"I think what I like best about these images is there is an inherent sadness to Wilbur Whatley. In the story he comes across as a bitter, nasty agent of evil, but in the drawings he looks like a poor person who was born into something he wouldn't have chosen. I find Wilbur far more sympathetic than anyone else in the story. The guy should get a movie."


These are some of the most vivid, organic visions of Lovecraft's world I have ever seen.

Extraordinarily beautiful!

I look at these and feel that I am "home".

Thanks, Shon, and thank you, HPL and Santiago Caruso.