Friday, September 18, 2009

Bazaldua and the Great Caruso

I have been reluctant to re-post the incredible work of Oscar Bazaldua (Nava) because it is already being posted regularly at !Historietas Perversas!

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The Historietas blog is primarily devoted to Bazaldua's sensationally lurid, truly beautiful art. It's the kind of art that will be celebrated for its true greatness one day (probably just before the poor bugger dies).

Most of Bazaldua's illustrations are taken from Mexican adult comics (Ghetto Librettos).

Bazaldua's use of color, form, shape and texture is exemplary, and I find him to be one of the most inspiring artists I have ever seen (alongside Toshio Saeki, Rudolph Balarski, Suehiro Maruo, and Hideshi Hino).

Conceptually, his work is several cuts above almost anything else out there. Execution-wise, he has few peers.

Combining elements from Westerns, Porn, Horror, and Men's Adventure, he has produced a mountain of amazing, transgressive, and very "fine" art.

Working in a very different vein, artist Santiago Caruso is the equal of Bazaldua in terms of talent and craft.

Perhaps you will agree with me that the illustration above, La Otra Inseguridad, is a work of true greatness, and understatement.

Mr. Caruso has demonstrated a great sensitivity towards the works of Lovecraft, and it shows in this fine piece of work.

Sembraron Futuro (above) is an exquisite statement on the future, the past, and the seeds of our destiny.

I can only stare at these in a state of awe.

From the cover of More Adventures in Arkham Country, this 'View of Innsmouth' goes beyond capturing the essence of Lovecraft's love of specific architecture.

I can't look at 'House of Windows' and not feel sadness that Lovecraft didn't live to see these masterpieces of cosmic horror.

Mr. Caruso, who hails from Argentina, deserves to be called Great.


  1. Santiago -- you're very, very welcome. You deserve wide recognition for your fantastic work.

    Both of you do.

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