Thursday, September 3, 2009

The Egg People of Kei

Baby Angel Egg

Clock Egg and Egg Head Angel

Snake Egg

Easter Bunny Egg.

Lump Fish & Egg

Fans of the egg, rejoice!

Kei's magnificent Egg People represent a new dimension in doll culture.

These shelled creations are truly stunning, and plug a cord directly into our emotions.

Born in Tokyo in '71, Kei began birthing dolls in '95.

This choice Emily Dickinson poem appears on her website:

If I can stop one Heart from breaking

I shall not live in vain

If I can ease one Life the Aching

Or cool one Pain

Or help one fainting Robin

Unto his Nest again

I shall not live in Vain.


  1. Wow, that is unmistakably creepy. Sort of reminds me of something you would see in the pages of Luigi Serafini's 'Codex Seraphinianus'.


  2. I really like reading about movies on your blog, but DUDE! You have way too much free time. Do you have a job, wife, kids, bills?


  3. Jonny -- The Serafini parallel is spot on.


    Ninja -- Very scary. Very beautiful.


    Anonymous -- I'm a very driven, organized person. I prep three to five blogs a week around 5am or around midnight.

    I answer messages like this in moments between other things (such as waiting to meet someone for an 8:30 meeting; it is now 8:28) or waiting for something to digitize or render in an edit suite).

    I am a cinematographer, director, and writer.

    I'm currently writing a novel, shooting/directing a web series, shooting a reality show, and prepping a feature (THE CLOTH DAGGER) for an early October start.

    I have always believed that busy people make time. So much time can be wasted just pondering and procrastinating.

    I'm in a real relationship, I have no kids (by choice), and I have bills (who doesn't?)

    I usually find an hour a day to walk, too.

    If I had kids and a nagging, unreasonable wife, I'm sure I'd have no time for most of the things I enjoy.

    That's why I've made the decisions I've made.

  4. I say this with affection- Sometimes the things I find on your blog just blow my fucking mind. thank you for showing me bizarre things I would never have stumbled on by myself.

    Damn, these egg people are wonderful pieces.

  5. Shon -- Thank you. I'm glad you find reasons to visit here.

    The egg people are eggcellent (to paraphrase Vincent Price's 'Egghead' character in the TV Batman).