Monday, September 14, 2009

Meat Grinder

Original Thai title translates as "Carve Before Tasting", but the producers are going with Meat Grinder for territories outside of Thailand.

Variety critic Derek Elley described it as a Jorge Buttgereit movie remade by Wong Kar Wai.

I'll have a review of this (and frame grabs) next week.

The premise -- a shockingly abused woman cracks and starts carving -- is right up my alley subject-wise, so I'm hanging out for my DVD to arrive.

The 2004 Zee-Oui made it clear to me that Thailand is becoming a country to be reckoned with where horror is concerned.

Throw in Art of the Devil and Nang Nak and you know these folks don't get all coy when the blood begins to flow.

On top of that, many of their films are so aesthetically rich and beautiful.

If you can get your hands on Zee-Oui before lapping up Meat Grinder, you will experience a fresh, emotionally devastating horror film. A film that elicits much sympathy for a cannibalistic child killer with terminal tuberculosis.


  1. Thanks for the post. I like the Carving title better, sounds even weirder. :D

  2. B-MB -- I agree. It has a more poetic resonance, too.

  3. The title Meat Grinder makes me think of Meatball Machine for some reason.

  4. B-BM -- I thought of MEATBALL MACHINE, too.

  5. Sounds like some great movies to check into! I hope this finds you well Phamton. At least we escaped the Rature, huh? OMG! I see some awfully dead looking people limping up the road here! Oh shit! I knew there was some reason my foot was turning black and smelling like spoiled lunch meat! So we didn't make it after all. At least I have YOU to keep me company; at least until my hands turn rotten and drop off and I can't type anymore! Wait! One of these zombies wants to use my computer. He smells too bad to argue with so I'll catch you later. Out of here!

  6. Bekkie -- Yes, we escaped the Rapture and will escape other fictional horroras, I assure you. I hope your foot recovers, though, B. I'll be here, you can rely on that, at least until I eat my typing fingers off if I get too hungry. Away!