Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Octogod from Toho

What made the "Good Old Days" so good?

Perhaps Toho's Space Amoeba ('70) appearing on the cover of Movie/TV Marketing, a leading international trade mag for the film industry (ala Variety).

You wouldn't see a cover like this today.

I love this art. It's just bursting with promise and a sense of fucked-up wonder. And love. Love for a genre that has been unfairly maligned.

This is not my favorite Honda film (Matango is) or favorite kaiju , but I like it a lot and I can't close without singling out 'Gezora', the film's mega-squid.

He really does deserve his own photo.

Live long and prosper you tentacle-walking super-beast, rubber-jointed octogod of a wrong-headed tourist resort... you and your kind have my undying respect.

DVD from Media Blasters is a doozy.

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