Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Movie Ad Mat Mania

Classic Aussie ad mat of a classic Aussie film.

I find The Adventures of Barry McKenzie ('72) to be one of the funniest and most iconic Australian films ever made.

From director Bruce ('Tender Mercies', 'Driving Miss Daisy', 'Don's Party', 'Black Robe') Beresford.

In Australia, "chunder" is vomit; and "Full (As A Boot)" means drunk.

What a time of amazing cinematic diversity was the 70's -- Bergman, Eastwood, Metzger, Nicholas Roeg, Donald Cammell, Walter Hill (the script for The Thief Who Came to Dinner), Bruce Lee, and the inimitable Salvatore Samperi ('Malizia')

Not a striking Martin ad mat, but certainly a great movie.

The great Ken Russell had a sweet run in the 70's with The Devil's ('71), the amazing Savage Messiah ('72), The Music Lovers ('70), and The Boyfriend (also '71).

I pestered and pestered my mother to take me to see The Devil's.

Wasn't going to happen in our Catholic household.

The film is still unreleased on DVD in most countries, which is cinematic sacrilege.

Saw the indefatigable McQueen in The Getaway years after its R-rated Melbourne release.

It still stands tall.

The gritty teen drama Over The Edge ('79) was released around the same time as The Warriors, The Wanderers, and Boulevard Nights. Director Jonathan Kaplan also made the winning Heart Like A Wheel ('83). He eventually turned to TV.

Ralph Bakshi broke a lot of new ground through the 60's and into 70's.

After his first feature, Fritz The Cat ('72), which turned American animation upside down, he followed through with Heavy Traffic ('73) and the amazing Coonskin ('75).

Wizards ('77) was his first shot at lengthy fantasy, and just beat Star Wars into theaters.

I saw this double at Village's East End 2. I enjoyed Bakshi's film a lot, but was bummed out by Fox's last 70's Ape film.

Shockingly cut version of the John Holmes film of '71.

The support, Bloody Virgin, was, in fact Jose Larraz's Symptoms ('74).

The Club Cinema, which was tucked into a swank Melbourne arcade, was the preferred destination for more sophisticated erotica for some time.

Excellent and bizarre Elliot Gould film paired with Larry Cohen's flawed but equally bizarre horror pic, also titled God Told Me To.

Director Bruno Gantillon, the director of the fascinating Servant and Mistress ('77), also made Morgane et ses nymphes (Girl Slaves of Morgana Le Fay, '71), a sexy little French flick that Jean Rollin would not have been uncomfortable with.

I still love this crazy film. Like the book it was based on, it was massive success back in 1970.

The score by Peter Thomas, which is available on LP, is terrific.

Much food for thought. Made with passion and conviction.


  1. The soundtrack to Chariots has been released (this year I think) in a fantastic cd-version with even more music from the movie. I own it soundtrack of course. And the movie. And the book :)

  2. Ninja -- Thank you for this inforamation. I got sent the new tracks, but didn't realize they were off a new CD.

    I still love this movie.

  3. Great ads! I remember those days well, all those mysterious R-rated movies that boggled my mind as a kid.

    Nice to see some love for SILENT PARTNER.

  4. Will -- Silent Partner is a great thriller. Chris P is terrific, too.

    Many of the old 70's R-rated films from some of my ad mat postings are still MIA on DVD.

  5. I love these old movie-ad mads, especially for multi-plexes and monthly calenders.

  6. Buzz -- I'll keep 'em coming. I have thousands to post.

    If you search the blog, you'll find many more.