Saturday, February 7, 2009

From The Vault Pt. 2

When I started collecting newspaper ad mats, I tossed up whether to take my scissors also to the general listings for each cinema chain (like the one above for Village Theatres); now I'm glad I did.

I have no idea whether my enthusiasm for these things is shared, but seeing Jan Kadar's Adrift ('69) in the listings fills me with excitement and nostalgia. A moody, unusual mystery, it has never been released on DVD. I have never forgotten it.

Also terrific to see Kaneto Shindo's brilliant Onibaba ('64) in a theatrical run; an excellent Criterion DVD of that is available.

Sisters (aka Blood Sisters, '73)) is an early Brian DePalma classic that was recently remade (badly).

The score by Bernard Herrmann is very powerful; DePalma would call on Hermann again for Obsession ('76).

The WARNING states: "This film is the ultimate in screen SHOCK... we do not want any repetition of the overseas problems and therefore we urge impressionable people with weak hearts and impressionable minors not to attend. This is definitely not a gimmick."

"Definitely not a gimmick"? WHAT A GIMMICK!!!

And what exactly were these "overseas problems"?

They don't want any "repetition" of them?

If only they were so lucky...

This soft porn version of Cinderella was produced by Charles Band, now better known as the head honcho of Full Moon Entertainment and producer of Dolls, Puppermaster, Mansion of the Doomed and director of Evil Bong II: King Bong.

Not released on DVD, it was, in fact, the best of the parody porn films that also included Bill Osco's Alice in Wonderland, Pinocchio and Flesh Gordon.

Why it hasn't been released on DVD is something you need to ask Mr. Band.

The perfect drive-in Double Feature.

Also produced AND directed by Charles Band: Crash! ('77)

It's not a bad time filler.

I personally attended this double feature with my father at the Burwood Drive-in; we had a good time. The film has never been officially released on DVD.

Stunts ('77), from Mark Lester, the future director of Class of 1984 and Commando, is a very decent action pic that deserves a lot more attention than it's gotten.

It is available on a piss poor DVD that is panned and scanned.

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