Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Sagawa's Last Supper

This was Issei Sagawa's last supper, a carefully prepared meal of French female.

As is well documented, the infamous Japanese cannibal, sometimes referred to as 'The Godfather of Cannibalism', spent very little time in French prison, and was speedily returned to Japan for psychological assessment (finding: insane). Soon afterwards, he was released.

These scans are from a Japanese publication that, according to Sagawa himself, caused him a lot of trouble.

Although the book contains mostly Japanese text, there are 16 pages of truly grotesque crime scene photos, some of which I had never seen before.  

I find this photo of the suitcase Sagawa dumped in a park to be the most disturbing. Note the severed foot.

The cannibal's decision to leave this item in a public place resulted in his apprehension.

If you're an admirer of John McNaughton's Henry - Portrait of a Serial Killer, you will recall the final scene where Henry dumps a suitcase containing the dismembered body of his unofficial girlfriend Becky. Although the suitcase is sealed, we imagine its contents. The above photo comes close to what I imagined.

In a recent interview, Sagawa expressed his wish to be eaten by a beautiful woman. This raises some questions: Is this wish indicating a desire to be punished in kind for his crime? -- or is it an extension of his perversion? 

Sagawa also explained that he is no longer obsessed with European women. His "tastes" have changed. He has finally found several Japanese women whose thighs, in particular, appeal to him.

An admitted "pervert", he lives a lonely life writing, reflecting, and appearing occasionally in the media.  

When he was young, sex was "a taboo subject".   

Seems that approach to the birds and bees worked out well, didn't it?!

"By shooting a bullet as small as my fingertip, I have  hurt and changed many people"
-- from Issei Sagawa Part 1; h**p://vice.com


  1. Poor victims especially the one in the suitcase. What an ugly way to die.


  2. Vallarflax -- terribly ugly. By the way, there was one victim (pictured). Her name was Renee Hartevelt, a 25-year-old student he met in Paris. He's not technically a serial killer because he killed one person only.

  3. That Vice interview kind of gives the whole thing and all the more tragic air, because it gives a portrait of a man who was at the mercy of his twisted obsessions. There's an actual word for it: vorephilia. True crime has always fascinated me in a macabre way because I think many people possess many twisted urges which society represses, most are simply too afraid to come to terms with that fact and have done a good job of keeping them in control. The people who have committed terrible crimes are the ones who lost the ability to keep their dark side in check and in a way are as pitiful as the innocent victims whom they unleashed it upon.