Thursday, January 19, 2012

More Mexican Masterpieces

As I am now collecting these myself, I have more to share... and I thought it was time I got into a little more detail.

I've heard Mexican culture critics describe these as trash while at the same time acknowledging their worth as trash.

Personally, I don't subscribe to back-handed compliments like this. It comes from a school of thought that bases its criteria more on subject matter than methodology;  a flawed, narrow approach. This is "trash" because it's sexual, violent, unashamedly lurid, and focuses on a strata of society that is grouped with rabid dogs and crack whores?

I reject the 'trash' label. These are works of art by extremely talented artists who deserve to be acknowledged for their brilliance.

They make you feel, think, and dream -- everything that the best art does.

Fuck the high and low.

This is simply damn good art. 

Deal with it. 

And lose the condescension.


  1. This is brilliant work, Mark, and I was completely unaware of it. Thanks for bringing it to our attention. The imagery is so intense you just wanna roll around in it.

  2. Bob -- I couldn't agree more. Some Mexican "culture critics" are eager to dismiss it as "good trash", but these are the Mexican equivalent of US or UK "culture critics" who ignored artists like Robert Crumb an filmmakers like Sam Fuller for such a long time. I have no time for these fools.

  3. i want the last one on a t-shirt. f'n amazing stuff.

  4. Wow, the gore in this latest lot is really inventive and quite repulsive. I love it! It reminds me of DEATH RATTLE & other horror comics published by Last Gasp (if I remember right) back in the day. Kind of EC style but x-rated. Please keep em coming.

    And a big Fuckin-A to your views on "trash". My sentiments exactly. A term used by cultural snobs to validate their delusions of elitist grandeur.

    That said, maybe I'm just a hypocrite, because I wouldn't mind chucking the works of Michael Bay et al in a landfill. You know, where the trash goes.

  5. Aylmer -- "delusions of elitist grandeur"? Well said.