Wednesday, January 11, 2012

South of the Border Pulp

Trouble brews now that my 'interest' in these comics has moved from collecting cover scans to buying the comics themselves and scanning the covers. Apart from a fine eBay purchase, I found a tiny bookstore in Downtown LA that sells these by the hundreds. They seem to stock old and new. If it didn't sell, it's there until it does.

Surprisingly, some of these (the above) are in full color throughout.   

I love where the artist has positioned the explosion here. These are truly sensational works of art, cinematic, lurid, and filled with enormous energy.  

This one looks more European than Mexican to me. Not sure why the woman's chest is not exploding into crimson.

Beautiful Western image with a strong erotic edge.

Perhaps a publisher such as Taschen will assemble these masterworks into a thick, heavy, coffee table book one of these days.

These comics are beggin' for it! 


  1. :) thanks for posting more of these excellent covers.It reminds me of what i had seen at news stands from when i was younger on my trips to mexico or the sleazy pulp comics that my grandmother reads. after your last post i had to track a few down on ebay..i also ordered the book "the imp #4" aka ¡Historietas Perversas! Mexico's Addictive Comics. so ill have to let you know how that is when i get it. As for taschen making a book that would be outstanding but i think "the last gasp" "creation books" or "feral house" would be more likely. Or this would be a perfect idea for us to produce!. i know nothing of getting a book off the ground but its a swell idea..wink wink

  2. Anonymous -- you're a legend for mentioning the 4th Imp mag. I didn't even know about Imp, but I just ordered it from Amazon (couldn't wait!) AND I downloaded digital versions of all four Imps from the website of its creator/publisher: He actually permits free downloads.

    You are right is saying that LAST GASP, CREATION, or FERAL would be best for these mags. Or... yes, "Us".

    You know, you're anon, so I don't know who you are, but if you're happy to reveal who you are to me and talk further, write me: phantomofpulpatblogspotdotcom (just replace 'at' and 'dot' with relevant symbols). I understand if you want to remain a nym.