Monday, January 16, 2012

Freaks Always Welcome Here

From Brazil they came, and they're welcome on my blog.

Would they be welcome in your house?

Would you feel comfortable having these human beings -- these fellow human beings --  to dinner?

Personally, I'd welcome them, and I'd like nothing more than to listen to Mr. Music strumming away while his forehead drips down his face.

As I'm in the midst of writing a film (my next) based around folks of this persuasion, I'm even more partial to 'freaks' right now than usual.


  1. what do you mean with "from brazil they came"?

    the first one is from India (for sure) and I've never seen this kind of musical instrument around here.

    and no, they aren't welcome in my house, arght

  2. I'm still pissed off that freak book from Curb Your Enthusiasm isn't real.

    In the off chance I become a billionaire, I'm gonna start collecting these poor bastards like Garbage Pail Kids.

  3. Anon -- the baby is from Brazil. The 'Brazilian Baby' thing is a bit of a cliche.