Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The Dawn of Real Cannibalism

As far as I know, close to the first porn flick to feature actual flesh eating. From Japan, of course.

In the 70's, German fetish series such as Pain, Violence, and Slave Sex covered most of the ground depicted on this video sleeve including the nailing of body parts to tables, extreme piercing, and genital suspension.

These Euro films did not, however, cover initialing the body with knives and needles, and they did not feature a scene in which a piece of the body is removed with a knife and eaten for real.

Truly a film for a narrow, specific market.

Produced by Dragon Image.


I haven't seen the film myself, but verification of its content comes from a totally credible source.


  1. It looks positively vile. I must find it!
    I thought Tumbling Doll Of Flesh was bad..this looks like it might be worse.


  2. Tox -- TUMBLING DOLL, made by porno company Aroma (as their experimental venture into horror film production), was not hardcore or "real" like this is.

    This is a different world.

  3. where can i find this movie???

  4. :) the Japanese always continue to amaze me on so many levels. it looks like Armin Meiwes should have packed up and went to japan..maybe he would be a minor star there like Issei Sagawa.
    i want to see this film...

  5. Anon -- h*t*t*p://www.sunshop-netdotcom is a good place to start (remove irrelevant symbols, etc); I write it this way to avoid linking and spamming.