Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The Evocative Bruce Pennington

This image (from AE Van Vogt's Children of Tomorrow) has always evoked in me a desire to quest, to throw caution to the wind.

I find it powerful and ever so beautiful.

It is just one of dozens of book cover paintings by British artist Bruce Pennington, who was born in Somerset in 1944.

Although he worked for several publishers, the work here was for New English Library in the 70's.

The artist's facility with color, exacting detail, and speculative subject matter contains echoes of the Golden Age pulp covers of Astounding Stories and Weird Tales.

I like the simplicity of this -- the futuristic meets the retro.

Pennington's take on The Blind Dead?

The artist captures a tangible sense of wonder that I find invigorating.

Simple idea executed with masterful strokes.

Pennington has retired from commercial illustration.

On his official website, his demeanor is described as "cheerfully optimistic".

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