Tuesday, March 24, 2009

When is "Fuck Me!" justified?

When you tear open your monthly horror book package from Leisure and this baby falls out.

Check the fuckin artwork... Je-e-e-e-e-e-s-u-s!!!

If this doesn't give you a hard-on, Boys (and Girls), you're a card-carrying eunuch.

I look so forward to my Leisure box each month.

It's a bloody great bargain, and it lobs right at your door.

Ed Lee's Big Head must be creaming in its jeans at the sight of this.

If the book is half as as good as the amazing art, I won't be able to walk tomorrow.

Congrats to Dan D'Auria, Leisure's Head Honcho, and Monsieur Lee, for this splendid horror package.

Also slipping out of the box was:

Not as great a cover, admittedly (bit generic), but anything by Ray Garton is a must-read for me.

I've had a loose connection to Mr. Garton for a while, even though we've never met or spoken.

I wrote the first couple of drafts of the screenplay adaptation of Live Girls for a producer who is holding the rights.

The writing was an interesting experience.

I believe I'm now the second writer listed on imdb because others have done subsequent drafts.

In this strange business, it's not unusual for new writers to be hired to scribble a brand new draft if the financing of the project changes hands or the country of production is shifted.

Bestial sounds mighty interesting. It's a multiple werewolves novel.

Better put the "Do Not Disturb" sign out tonight.

I'm no necrophile, but I wouldn't kick this out of bed.
Would you?
Tell the truth.
Nobody's judging you here.


  1. I really love that first cover. That is awesome.

  2. It depends, Phantom; what sex is it?

    I had occasion to interview a man who 'sexually assaulted' a dog a number of years ago, and I was obliged to ask him on the record what sex the dog was.

    Outraged, he replied "A female!! What do you thing I am, a bloody poofter??"

    I always need to know the gender of anyone/thing I get a hard-on over; call me old fashioned.

    Do your thing, Phantom; into the 'melting pot' it goes with everything else here...

  3. Ed Lee rules! And he's a big Black Flag fan...

  4. Yes indeed, The Golem has an excellent cover!

    I just bought Bestial today [I've been waiting for this one!] I had no idea that The Golem was out already or I would have bought that one too! :-)

    That is AWESOME that you worked on the screenplay for Live Girls - I am hoping that the film will turn out well!

    Bestial is the sequel to Ravenous, and in Bestial, some of Garton's characters from Night Life [the sequel to Live Girls] are crossing over - I hope that Garton is planning an eventual werewolves vs vampires battle - that would so ROCK!!