Sunday, March 22, 2009

Six Beauties From Toei

Japan's Toei Studios has a rich history of action and horror cinema that goes right up to the magnificent Batoru Rowaiaru (Battle Royale, 2000).

Their poster art is sublime.

Arresting images that evoke an emotion.

Extraordinary use of color and design.

One could not help but be transported by images of masculinity like this.

Or aroused by images of femininity like this.

This final poster, from Norifumi Suzuki's terrific Torakku Yaro: Neppu 5000 Kirro (Truck Bastard 7) series ('76-'79) sells fun and lurid violence with striking art.

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  1. These are GLORIOUS. One of the books you have recommended has become one of my favorites--Bizarre Sinema-Japanese Ero-gro & Pinku Eiga. The posters are fabulous.

    Phantom, you have a handle on these things--I am interested in finding more work by the artist who has done the posters for VON RYAN'S EXPRESS, YOU CAN'T WIN 'EM ALL, and WHERE EAGLES DARE... Perhaps you can help. They're spectacular action-oriented pictures all, moreso than the movies they advertise actually.