Saturday, March 28, 2009

The Mighty Crepspok

I love stories and illustrations that depict beautiful women being pawed by human monstrosities. They always carry a strange melancholy.

That's why Guy Colwell's Doll (Rip Off Press, Inc., '89) rings my bell in so many ways.

As these tales often are, this one is tragic.

In #1, Colwell writes that Doll emerged from his own personal loneliness.

This brilliant three-part series feels very real.

A kindly man builds a love doll for a lonely, deformed man. The love doll is so beautiful and so sexy, other men crave her, and steal her from Crepspok before he can consummate their "marriage".

Crepspok's search for his Doll comprises the story.

This is a moving, incredible tale from a leading 70's comic book artist.

I'm happy to report that all's well that ends well (briefly, at least).

Mr. Colwell has created a great deal of fascinating, provocative art for more than four decades. His "Abuse" (below), a critique of the torture of prisoners at the Abu Ghraib prison, triggered the shuttering of an art gallery, and the assault of its owner, Lori Haigh.

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  1. I wonder, if we all had such a doll, would the world be in the mess it is in today?

    Would this temper our 'hideousness', and give us the self esteem we need, that we need never be 'so wownwey' again? Hence no further need to start shitfights with others?

    Further, I wonder to what extent hate and war is a product of our latent desire to impress the ladies with our muscles and the size of our dicks, rather than some anachronistic Darwinian notion of 'blood lust'.

    If we had such a doll, and we no longer had anything to prove, we could concentrate on the true joys of living.

    Then again, that might be Utopia, and in such a place, there would be no such thing as Crepspok or Colwell.

    Tis a paradox, to be sure...