Friday, March 6, 2009

Taste The Skull of Saeki

I love what's going on inside Toshio Saeki's skull.

It speaks to me in a voice smoother than amniotic fluid.

His surreal, erotic scenarios, which are laced with sadness and melancholy, explore the abyss of desire...

...and its discreet joys.

A stabbed Teddy Bear caught in a siege.

A couple who have come to an "understanding".

Saeki's extraordinary work confronts us with the undeniable truth...

...that our desires define our individuality.

Breakfast this morning was the usual: Oatmeal with almond milk for the belly, and Saeki for the eyes.


  1. great book. a few images summon remembrance of issei sagawa. btw, if u want an avi copy of deadhead miles, i'd be happy to mail it to u. we both live in LA so i think i can manage the cost of postage. email me if you're interested:

  2. Yes, Issei would appreciate Saeki's fine work.

    I am a huge Issei fan, actually. I have an incredibly rare doco on him called "7 Days of Sagawa" (7 days in the life of the man himself).

    Thanks for the offer, Kotto. I'll be in touch.

  3. Great stuff! There's a theme in a few of these where the onlookers are disgusted and/or turned on. It's batty stuff.

    And that is some bike.